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Writing in KS2

Writing in KS2


All writing opportunities at Bradley Primary School should provide children with a reason for writing. It is expected that children will be given opportunities to write every day. Teachers will embed the use of the ‘Bradley KLIPS’ and LAPS’ document and genre progression document written by all staff.

Structured Writing: Teachers will plan using the ‘teaching sequence’ from the ‘Primary Framework’ – creating interest, reading and responding – incorporating grammar all the while - gathering content, planning and writing and presenting work in a variety of forms and media.

Shared Writing will be given high priority throughout the school. Every teacher will model the application of skills in their writing at the appropriate level.

It is expected that children will have short writing/incidental opportunities at every opportunity.

Guided Writing – Teachers will work with groups of children on their next steps to move their writing forward.

Teachers will plan at least 2 opportunities per half term for children to write independently. These pieces of writing will then be used for assessment purposes.