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Thank you very much for visiting our website.

At Bradley Primary School we aim to provide a happy, friendly and caring environment where children feel secure and valued. We pride ourselves on the level of care we provide to our children and the way our children respond to these high levels of care. They are polite, well mannered, caring, enthusiastic and lively! They are a joy to work with!


Our school motto is “Learn to Succeed” and this is always at the centre of our work here at Bradley – not only in terms of academic skills but how we teach the children to be effective members of their community as well. Every child is an individual and we find out what makes that child happy, for a happy child learns far easier than an unhappy child. Our children do make superb progress but also they leave us knowing how to achieve success.


Come along and see us and sample that wonderful atmosphere that makes Bradley special and why our pupils are so often complimented by so many people, whether when the children are on a trip outside school or visited by one of our many guests that come here.


I look forward to welcoming you!

Mrs S.Taylor - Headteacher