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Sparks Might Fly

During Spring term, our topic in Year 4 has been ‘sparks might fly’. We have been learning about electricity and circuits. We found out that in order to make a bulb light up or a buzzer make a sound, there needed to be an energy source which can also be called a cell.

We looked at how switches can affect a circuit as they need to be closed to make the circuit complete.

We investigated various objects from around our classroom to find out whether they were insulators or conductors of electricity. We found that things made of metal let electricity flow around the circuit.

Manchester Museum

As part of our topic about electricity, we visited the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. We spent time in the ‘Experiment Gallery’ which was extremely interesting. We also took part in a show called Circuit City where we found out how towns are powered by electricity and about old inventions which used electricity for the first time. We all had a super day!