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Science Ambassadors

Bradley Science Ambassadors



  • To raise the profile of Science across school.
  • For children to understand when Science is taking place.
  • For children to have a voice within school about Science.


Ambassadors will wear their Lab coats for every Science lesson that takes place in their classroom.  They will record the learning that has taken place by taking photographs. 

Each term the Ambassadors will attend a meeting with Miss Quadri to report on the Science learning that has taken place in their classroom.  During the weekly meetings, the Ambassadors will have an opportunity to try a scientific enquiry investigation and plan competitions for the school.


Meet our ambassadors


Class 3A

Abu Bakr Asghar

Class 3B

Ubaid Daar

Class 4F

Fatima Saqib

Class 4L

Zainab Atif

Class 5C

Azim Ghafoor

Class 5Q

Suliman Nawaz

Class 6B

Alesha Ahmad

Class 6A

Salma Saleem



Science Club

Ms Akhtar, Parent Governor, visited our Science Ambassadors on Thursday 28th June 2018 to witness them make layered liquid cocktails. She was very impressed.


Hi Mrs Greenwood,

I am writing a brief report from my visit to the science club on Thursday 28 June.

Thank you for letting me visit the school science club.

I observed The young future scientists prepare a layered liquid cocktail. It was fascinating watching them trying to copy Miss Quadri’s layered liquid cocktail that she had prepared earlier. I found the group to be  a clever bunch of Scientists that showed a lot of passion and knowledge for Science. 

Miss Quadri is a very confident/ competent science teacher and makes the lesson as creative and fun as possible. The children show her a lot of respect and see her as a role model.

I look forward to seeing the Science club grow and develop throughout the school years.

Kind regards

Science Governor

Mrs Akhtar