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School Linking Network

We have been very fortunate this year to be part of the School Linking Network.  This project helps us to learn more about ourselves, develop an understanding of others and increase our understanding of how we can have a positive impact in our local communities. 


We started the project by thinking about ourselves.  We focused on our likes and dislikes and shared this information in our class and with our linking class via zoom.  By sharing the information with each other, it allowed us to get to know both the children in our class and the children in our linking class better.  We realised that we had lots of similarities as well as differences.  We had lots of fun playing games with our link class to get to know them.  Our linking class is Year 3 at Tarleton Community Primary School in Tarleton, Preston.


The School Linking Project has helped us to understand that even though we might have differences with people, we can all work together and get on if we show respect and understanding.  We can all play a positive role in our community and be the positive change.


On 13th June 2022, we took part in the School Linking Celebration Assembly online.  During this assembly, we found out that this year 29, 430 children have taken part in the project across 29 areas in the country!  On the day of the assembly, there were over 1,000 children online with us.  It was wonderful to see so many other children that want to be the change and find ways to live better in our communities.  We played some games together and talked about the positive changes we can make through social actions.  Some of the ideas we came up with were:

Always be kind

Litter pick in our area

Recycle more

Plant more trees or flowers


We are so excited for the next part of our linking journey!  We are going to be meeting our linking class in real life and spending the day with them.

Please take a look at the Linking Network’s website and twitter feed for more information about the project.


Twitter: @Linking_Network