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Reedley Primary School visit

Our Fantastic Book Awards judges hosted our friends from Reedley Primary School last week. We had brilliant fun discussing our books and were very surprised to find that they had a different favourite to us!




Bradley Primary School boasts a fantastic library with a variety of books to cater for all ages and reading abilities. Mrs Stevenson is the school Librarian and holds reading classes, newspaper clubs, maintains the books and Library. Children change their books on a weekly basis. Please try to read with your children as much as possible.


Reading Competition

Lights. Camera, Read!

Year 5 have been competing against each other completing lots of different reading activities to earn movie tickets. Team Hollywood vs Team Oscar! 5L came out tops and walked down the red carpet to a special Reading Cinema. They read War of the Worlds, looked at a range of books that have been turned into movies, put their own stars on the pavement and of course, ate popcorn. Well done to all of Year 5.



Festive fun and games at our Christmas Story Drop-in and Reading Café session!

Newspaper Club

School Newspaper

The Bradley Express is written by our talented Junior Journalists. They produce an issue each term, sharing all the exciting school news. We have a core team of Year 5 and 6 writers as well as guest writers from all year groups. We are really proud of their hard work!

Elmer the Elephant

R1 and R2 have enjoyed reading the story of Elmer the Elephant by David McKee.

Elmer is a patchwork elephant who is fed up of being different. He paints himself grey to be like his friends. When it rains all the grey dye washes away and everyone laughs. Elmer realises it is good to be yourself!

Look at these colourful Elmer pictures we made.



Year 5 have been reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. We enjoyed listing all the ridunculous words that he uses! He is always jabbeling!

We made our own delumptious dream jars.

The Penguin Who Wanted To Find Out

Year 2 have been reading “The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out” by Jill Tomlinson. It tells the story of a penguin chick called Otto as he grows into an adult penguin. We did our own research into penguins and are experts now!

We love Jill Tomlinson stories!

Mother's Day Storytime

Many thanks to the mummies of our Reception class children who joined us in the Library on Friday 24th March for a special Story Time. We had great fun sharing stories and making butterfly pictures together.

Fancy Nancy

The Year 1 girls have been reading a book called Fancy Nancy by Jane O Connor.

Nancy loves all things fancy! She dresses in fancy clothes, uses fancy words and likes fancy food. She even tries to teach her family to be fancy.

Here’s some pictures of our girls dressing fancy like Nancy.