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Reading in KS2

Reading in KS2

Reading is at the heart of everything we do in school and is the key to accessing the rest of the curriculum.  Our aim is that all children leave Bradley confident, fluent readers as being an able reader significantly improves their future academic achievement, well-being and success in life.

Reading takes many forms in KS2. Building on the early reading in KS1, we have Bounce Back Phonics, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, reading for pleasure and home reading.  We also have ‘reading buddies’ who listen to and support each other.

Storytime is not just for Key Stage 1! The quality texts chosen are many and varied – classic and contemporary and from many different genres and cultures. Being read to is one of the greatest pleasures, hence it is timetabled across the whole school.  The title and author being read at any time is displayed in every classroom.

For home reading, each child has a reading record where you can share your child’s reading – commenting both on their ability to decode the words and discuss the meaning by talking about the characters and plot. The progress a child makes reading at home is a pleasure to see.

Activities to promote reading are ongoing and varied; reading cafés, book swaps and ‘reading races’ are but a few examples.