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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice in Key Stage 2

Children’s opinions are an important part of our monitoring and assessment at Bradley and provide teachers with a valuable insight into our children’s love of learning.

Here are a few of their comments in recent interviews on oracy and reading:

Y3: We have Speaking and Listening guidelines so that we can encourage other people to speak. T,A,A,U.

Responding to the question, ‘Do you like reading aloud?’ the response was, Obviously, yes! A.H.

Y4: The children’s reply to being asked if they enjoyed reading aloud in class was a unanimous, ‘We all feel confident!’

Y5: The favourite person the children loved listening to (in school or outside school) was our librarian: ‘Through her expressions and emotions, she turns into the character.

‘I like to read in the library because it’s calm and peaceful and warm and cosy.’ I.C.

‘I like to read to myself, but I do prefer reading to my Mum if she’s not busy.’ H.M.

Y6: Mrs F always recommends books; ‘She always takes an interest in what we are reading.’ K.I.

How is vocabulary taught in your class? ‘Through thinking pages; thesauruses; synonyms; reading the word in the correct context; think what it means first; vocabulary jars; we put the word on a sticky note and then in the vocab jar; semantic maps in guided reading.’ E,J,K,L