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Phonics at Bradley

As soon as children start in EYFS at Bradley Primary School, they begin their reading journey. Throughout, EYFS and Year 1 the children are taught phonics every day for 30 minutes. All staff teach phonics using the ‘Red Rose Phonics’ Scheme. Some children also have phonics ‘keep up’ sessions in the afternoons to stop them falling behind. Pupils are taught in phonics groups, which match their ability, within their year group.

All children working on Phase 2 – Phase 5 of the phonics programme will bring home reading books, which are fully decodable in line with the National Curriculum expectations. The focus sounds within books are closely matched to recently taught sounds.

In the summer term of Year 1, our children take part in the National Phonics Screening Test. Where our children pass this test, they move onto learning spelling rules in Year 2. Where our children do not pass the Phonics Screening Test or where we have any concerns about their progress or development in reading or any other area of learning, then specific reading and phonics interventions are implemented to help to raise their attainment.

Whilst in school, we aim to hear the children read individually as often as possible but in order for the children to make rapid progress, they need to read at home every day for 10 minutes.