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What Bradley Library Offers KS2

Children in Years 5 and 6 enjoy weekly lunch sessions in the library when they can change their books and take part in a variety of activities. Year 3 has a lunchtime Golden Ticket session and Year 4 has an after-school library club.

Each class spends an hour a fortnight in our fabulous library where the primary focus is on reading for pleasure. Our experienced librarian chooses stories to take the children on voyages all over the world. Researching non-fiction books is also an important skill taught, enabling our children to access information across the curriculum.

Further examples of what our library offers include:

  • Participation in Award Schemes including Lancashire Library’s Fabulous Book Awards where 12 judges have the opportunity to rank their favourite new authors and titles
  • Celebrations across the whole school on World Book Day
  •  Opportunities for children needing extra help with their reading

Our librarian is ably supported by 10 children from Year 6 who successfully applied for the position of junior librarians. These volunteers do a wonderful job help to run the lunchtime sessions.  All children, at some point in the year, have the opportunity to access after-school reading clubs.