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House Points

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All of the children in school are part of a house team.  Our house teams are FANTASTIC FIRE, AMAZING AIR, EXCITING EARTH and WONDERFUL WATER


Our house captains and vice captains are:


Earth - Khadija, Maria
Air - Abdullah, Aamilah
Water - Junior, Manahal
Fire - Ismail, Juwairiyah
















The children are able to earn house points for their team.  This could be for lots of different reasons.  For example: completing a piece of excellent work, showing a great attitude towards their learning, being a good friend, making somebody smile, being polite or showing good manners around school.  The house points are collected each week by the house captains and then the results are shared in assembly.  At the end of each term the house team with the most points will receive an award. 


Autumn Term 2022


The winning house team for this term were AMAZING AIR and their reward was the chance to play on a bouncy castle with their team mates!  It was so much fun as you can see from these pictures. 


House Point Winners