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CVL Netball

Our Netball Season

Our netball journey began in October when we were all given the opportunity of trying out for the netball team. We started on the wrong foot when we turned up for the wrong trial at Pendle Vale College; fortunately, we ended up winning every single match which led to us being allocated a place in the Diamond League with five other opposing teams. Once becoming passionate about the sport, we learnt different skills which added to our team and was the main cause of our winning streak. As the weeks passed by, we became more confident in ourselves and our teammates, even though we were just as nervous as we were when we first took an interest in the sport.

Every week on a Monday afternoon, the netball club would practise from 3:00pm until 4:00pm expanding our knowledge on netball and learning new strategies to help us win the season. We also practised a variety of different team exercises and passes such as:  bounce pass, lob pass and chest pass. In total, we played approximately 24 matches and had over 17 wins. Overall, we are extremely proud of ourselves and our accomplishments.

Sara and Hania