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500 Word Competiton

BBC Radio 2 - 500 Words Story Writing Competition

Seven years ago, Chris Evans had a dream: to get children excited about reading and writing. All children, no matter what their ability. 500 Words is now one of the most successful story-writing competitions for kids in the world: Three quarters of a million children have written a story for them over the years!

It’s very simple. Entrants write an original story on any subject or theme in 500 Words or fewer and submit it online. If they win, their story will be read live on the radio by a superstar celebrity…like Julie Walters, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Jeremy Irons, or Sherlock himself – Benedict Cumberbatch. Each year, 10 million Radio 2 listeners hear, read and love these stories.

This year some of our Bradley children had a go at Media Club. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds!

Madiyah and Khadija Baber and Musah Butt all wrote fantastic stories which we have now submitted for entry.

Fingers crossed!


Follow the Road to Death by Musah Butt

Follow The Road To Death

   Frankenstein was sitting in the thunder-shock lab. His creator came down the rickety stairs, looking for blood. Frankenstein heard the creaks of the damp floorboards and said, “Master, is that you?” The creator looked around with his blood like eyes.

“Yes, monster. It is I, your horrendous master. Now, what would you like, to make a poster or an enchanted story that you can magic yourself into?”

 “Story! Story!”

“OK. Climb in…”

   Frankenstein climbed into the enchanted book, and his creator shut the cover. Inside, there was his house, which had landed and squished the King Midas. Then, Frankenstein heard a voice. “Thank you O Wicked One.” It was Tutenkhamun. He protected the ones known as the nameless ones. “Frankenstein, you are the chosen one.”

“Am I? I mean I am. Wait, how am I again?”

“You are because you squished the King Midas. He has always been…eugh nice to us. The only way to kill him was to show him a picture of Burnley Football Club or drop a Lab on him. If you want to get home, you follow the red blood road. So it looks like you should start your journey …now!”

   So, Frankenstein started his journey. He was thumping along the road until he spotted a boy called Harry Potter. He had been banished from Hogwarts for using the wrong magic tricks. “Hello?” said Frankenstein, confused but curious.

“Aaarghhhh!  A monster!” screamed Harry as he didn’t know who Frankenstein was.

“It’s okay. I’m not any harm or threat to you. In fact, I am Frankenstein, the chosen one. I will protect you from anything. In fact I am going to see the great Goblin of Death. I can help you get your brain full of magic if you like.”

“Chosen One...No harm…Protection…Goblin of Death… Brain full of magic. Okay then, let’s go!

   They started their journey by walking and talking. Harry was talking about how he got banished from Hogwarts. As they were talking, there was a strike of lightning. It was Percy Jackson. He had never stopped the lightning thief and Miss Odds had  teleported him with her magic. Percy walked towards Frankenstein and Harry. “Welcome.” Says Percy, “Can I walk with you?”

“Yes. Come along.” Says Frankenstein politely.

   So, they walked and talked again. Percy told the other two how he never stopped the lightning thief. They talked so much that they arrived at the goblin of death. “Who goes there?” said the goblin of death.

“Frankenstein, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.” Says Frankenstein with fear.

“Do you have anything for me?” says the goblin.

“Nothing, but…” POOF! There was lots of blood on the floor.

“I hate people who don’t bring me anything.”

    As soon as the creator of Frankenstein opened the book Frankenstein was dead and the goblin came out…


Talking Fruit by Madiyah 

Talking fruit

One day in a science lab, an old man was working on his new machine, The Exterminator. He had been working on it for years, but he just couldn’t get it right. He tried and tried again but always failed. As years went by he decided he would give up, but before he did that, he put his lunch, (a pear,) next to his work of failure. Later that day, he forgot to turn his bag of rubbish off. As he walked away to look at the view outside… “bang…” the machine did something! His bag of fruit no long was there. It was like it grew legs and ran away. But that was when he realised it had grown legs and run away. It was running everywhere trying to get away from the scientist. “Oh my!” said the old man “My fruit is ….. talking aaaaaaaaaaa!” and he ran to hide behind a chair. “Bye oooooold siiilllyyy man … hehehe” said the fruit and it jumped out the window.


Something odd was happening. The fruit was shooting lasers at other pieces of fruit making them grow legs and talk. Soon; later … the world got invaded by the talking fruit. They made an army surrounding the world shooting their lasers, killing the humans then eating and ripping them to bits. But the fruit realised eventually that there was no one left on Earth…. Or was there?


 One year later, the passion fruits, dragon fruits and all the others were marching round shouting “Food, food we want food now!” but there was nothing left… but the old man was still alive hiding behind his chair. The fruit didn’t see him but what they did know was there were people in graves. They dug graves and ate the corpses. They were super hungry and almost died as well as the scientist. He hadn’t eaten in 3 years but he was too scared to even look out the window because he knew what was there waiting for him… or were they?


 Five years from when everything went crazy, the old man thought enough was enough; he was going to teach those rotten baddies who was boss! He charged right through the glass windows of the lab and fell right into a pond, just waiting for him to land in it. He grabbed a long plank of wood and every piece of fruit dead or alive he squashed, killed and ate. Until it was a one to one battle with the original piece of fruit (the pear). He had to be careful because one zap and he was gone. He tried and tried to smack the fruit but the fruit was so stubborn and dodged every move. The old man got zapped but he lived and the fruit died. Eventually the man realised one the fruits last shot they die and the man finally died.

The end


The Queen's Underwear by Khadija Baber



  It all started on a Sunday morning when the queen was deciding which underwear to wear. But of course the big pink one with yellow spot where her favourite so she picked them and put them on without a doubt. She kept those in a safe which that safe had another safe in and another safe in that one. Well you might wonder why on earth you would put them in there well those are her favourite and luckiest knickers she got from her great grandson Samuel. Well you might think its weird getting knickers from your grandson but she loved underwear. She had a castle made out of underwear, a bed made out of underwear and she even tried to eat underwear but she didn’t get a rather nice taste. Anyway the reason why she wanted to pick out some underwear is because she was going to a ball and she wanted to dance with prince knickers (he had the world record for most underwear well 999,999,998 knickers) so she was trying to marry him and have all the underwear she wanted. The following afternoon she got into her hand-made underwear car and drove her way down to ball and there glistening in underwear and stood out from them all was prince knickers “NO IT CANT BE PRINCE KNICKERS!” she cried as she fell into his arms. She pulled a kissing face but he asked “erm…. What are you doing?”

“That’s a good question well erm yes I can explain. I...I…I lov…l...Lov,” she answered

“Is it me or does someone actually love me for once,” the prince said shockingly

“I love youuuu!!!!!! So I ask you will you marry me” she asked in a polite manner